Betnomi Token

BNI and sBNI are the tokens powering the Betnomi ecosystem. While sBNI is at the heart of Betnomi’s Bonus engine, BNI is our platform's native currency Core bonuses and rewards are issued in sBNI, which is a stablecoin. Gameplay, revenue distribution, token buybacks, and other platform incentives are done using BNI Think of sBNI as Betnomi’s USDT and BNI as Betnomi’s Ethereum (ETH)

1stDeposit Bonus
2ndDeposit Bonus
3rdDeposit Bonus
4thDeposit Bonus

Wager Requirements

DepositPercentageBonus max CapWager Requirement
1st150%750 sBNI40x
2nd100%500 sBNI35x
3rd50%250 sBNI25x
4th25%125 sBNI20x

Bonus Contribution Table

Bonus Contribution Table Each game has a contribution ratio (weight) which counts towards your wagered amount. For example, a 100 USD bet on a game with 30% weight counts as a 33.3 USD Bet

70% House Games

100% Game show

30% Live games

100% Slots

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Bonus Terms and Conditions

  1. To be eligible for a Deposit bonus, you need to make a Deposit of at least 5 USD
  2. The maximum bet amount is 5 sBNI - the bonus will be voided if it exceeds
  3. The maximum bonus payout is 1500 sBNI for each Deposit bonus (6000 USD total)
  4. The maximum deposit amount for each Deposit bonus is 500 sBNI or USD
  5. After claiming the bonus, the initial eligible deposit amount and the bonus amount are converted into sBNI
  6. For each Deposit, the maximum cap applies based on the abovementioned percentages.
  7. All Deposit bonuses can be redeemed only by wagering the bonus amount up to 40 times depending on which bonus you claimed and within 7 days after receiving the bonus (Bonus expires after 7 days)
  8. You need to click the Claim Bonus button to activate the bonus
  9. Any losing bet will be deducted first from the initial Deposit
  10. The bonus and any winnings will be forfeited if the bonus expires or when the bonus is canceled
  11. Bonus wager calculations should be done via the Bonus Contribution Table


Example: The maximum payout from each bonus is limited to 1000 sBNI

Winnings that exceed this amount will be removed from the account

For instance, if the bonus payout was 1200 sBNI, of which 500 sBNI was the initial Deposit, the payable amount will be 1000 sBNI, and the remaining 200 sBNI will be deducted from the account

Example: If you make a first deposit of 100 USD, you will receive a 150 sBNI bonus after clicking the Claim Bonus button The bonus amount of 250 sBNI (100 Deposit + 150 Bonus) needs to be wagered 40 times

Example: If you make a first deposit of 4 USD, you will not be eligible for the first deposit bonus However, you are eligible for subsequent deposit bonuses if your next deposit meets the minimum Deposit requirement

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Betnomi reserves the right to change or end any promotion at any time
  2. Betnomi's General Terms and Conditions apply to this promotion
  3. This offer is limited to one per person, household, IP, and device
  4. The promotion doesn’t include Sportsbook
  5. Each player participating in the mentioned promotion authorizes and accepts the publication of his username for any purpose related to promotion
  6. Betnomi reserves the right acting reasonably to withhold, restrict or cancel this offer from individual account holders in breach of these terms and conditions or in breach of our general terms and conditions